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Money Counters

Teams of parishioners take turns counting and depositing the weekend and Holy Day collections.  Counting takes approximately 1 hour and is done in the Rectory on Mondays, unless Monday is a holiday.  In that case, counting is done on Tuesday of that week.  Parishioners can assist the counters by considering the following guidelines:

  • Mark the amount enclosed on the envelope - In order to receive full credit for your donations at the end of the year, each envelope must have an accurate amount written on it.  The counters try to catch all unmarked envelopes and note the amount enclosed, but some slip by and cause errors in the accounting.

  • Do not cut, tape or otherwise mutilate the envelope - Donations are recorded in the logs using the envelope information.


  • Bills should be as smooth as possible, as they are counted by hand to assure accuracy.  Separate checks for each envelope is requested, instead of 1 check for multiple funds, as this also causes error in reconciliation.

​Deposits are made following each count, to ensure the funds are not sitting in house.

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