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My Dear Parishioners and Friends,


“Lord I love the house where you dwell,

The place where your glory resides.”

Psalm 26


     This verse of Psalm 26 resounds in my heart and I trust that it does likewise in yours as we gather to worship in this beautiful Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The beauty of our Church is a legacy from those parishioners who have gone before us.  Is it not our responsibility to continue to maintain it as our beautiful temple of worship and praise to God?


     As you enter our Church, you notice on the left inside wall the “Giving Tree” which represents the hard work and sacrifices of those who contributed to build and renew this outstanding house of worship.


     At this time, I invite you to consider becoming part of this memorial.  By doing so, you may choose to add your name or a member of your family’s name to this memorial.  It is a praiseworthy way of honoring and remembering a beloved deceased or living person.


     Kindly allow me to explain the procedure.  Simply fill out the enclosed form for each leaf or other symbol and return it to the parish office.  The offering for each memorial is:

*   Leaf           Donation $300.           The payment can be in full or $25 per month

*   Acorn        Donation $1,000.     The payment can be in full or $84 per month

*   Foundation Stone   Donation $2,000.      The payment can be in full or $167 per month

*   Small Tree Donation $5,000.    The payment can be in full or $417 per month.


     The “Giving Tree” is symbolic of your giving hearts.  Please take time to pray about this and to consider this appeal to your Church and parish.  Your past generosity has been a grace and blessing to Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.  You have a Church, a temple of worship that you can be justly proud of.  I find it beautiful and so conducive to prayer and adoration.


     In advance, I thank you for your generosity and for whatever way your heart will be moved to respond.  I assure you of my prayers and of a daily remembrance in my Masses as I come to this beautiful “House of God’ each day to offer the holy sacrifice of the Mass.  I assure you that I am happy to be here and to serve you as your pastor.  May God bless each of you and your families and may He keep you all well and safe in the palm of His hand.


Fr. Michael Goodreau, Administrator

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