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Lectors proclaim the Word of God to the assembly in each of two readings during the Celebration of the Eucharist at each Mass.  This Ministry of the Word should be treated seriously and with great dignity.  Effective proclamation involves delivering the message with clarity, conviction and at an appropriate pace.  In the absence of a Psalmist or Deacon, the Lector will proclaim the Responsorial Psalm and/or the Intentions.


  • A fully initiated and practicing Roman Catholic whose life gives witness to the Word which they proclaim.

  • Possess the necessary abilities and talents to proclaim the Word of God in a clear, dignified, and effective manner with knowledge and understanding of the scriptures.

  • Each lector needs to be prepared to deliver the readings for their scheduled Mass.

  • Lectors should be dressed in a manner which reflects the dignity of the Word of God.

Time Commitments

  • Participants in the ministry are scheduled on a rotating basis, one to two times per month and at the mass they usually attend.  Preparation including the attendance at Mass is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes each time.

  • Lector schedules are prepared in three-to-four-month time allotments.  Each lector is responsible for the Readings at Mass scheduled to them.  Therefore, contact information for each lector is necessary so should there be a conflict in a particular schedule that lector can reach out to another lector to fill their conflict.


  • Education and training is provided to assist the Lector to develop their abilities as proclaimers of God’s Word.  Preparation, prayer, study, and practice are key to one’s development as an effective minister of God’s Word.

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