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This ministry is responsible for all aspects of the Altar in the celebration of the Liturgy throughout the year.  Sacristans also work with other ministries doing whatever is necessary to insure a reverent and joyful service.  If you are interested in helping in one of the following areas, please contact our Parish Secretary, Deanna.
Volunteer roles are between 20 minutes to 1-1/2-hour durations.
Sacristan Needs
1.    S
anctuary Care
Do you like to have things clean and neat?  Do you have a desire to help make our chur
ch look cared for and inviting?  If so, this ministry may be for you!  This ministry gives you the opportunity to give your time and talent to lovingly prepare the Church for our weekend mass celebrations.  Serving in teams, they offer an hour in service to God and community, on Saturday morning/month.  Through light cleaning and organizing, they prepare the church for the weekend.  If you, or your family are interested in joining this ministry please contact our Parish Secretary, Deanna.
2.    Linen Care
Volunteers care for the Sacramental Linens on a weekly rotation schedule.  Collecting them at the beginning of each week, they carefully clean and iron each linen before returning them to the Sacristy at the end of the week.  
3.    Church Environment
Do you have a gift for decorating?  An eye for arranging plants and flowers?  A desire to join in the fun as we decorate the Sanctuary in preparation for our different liturgical seasons and celebrations throughout the year.  If so, we invite you to join us.

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