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Ministry of Ushers

     The purpose of the ministry of Ushers is to welcome the parishioners into the Church during each Mass.  The ushers are entrusted with promoting a sense of welcoming and belonging to all the faithful assembled for worship.  They are the first point of contact for the communal celebration of the Liturgy and because of this, should take special steps in being living representatives of the IHM Parish Mission Statement.  There are approximately two to four ushers scheduled during each Mass.  Each usher shall wear the designated shirt either short sleeve or long sleeve, depending on the season.  The usher responsibilities are as follows:

Before Mass

  • Arrive at the Church approximately 30 minutes before the start of each Mass.

  • Unlock all the doors including the sacristy.

  • Turn on the lights and bring the bulletins to the front of the Church.

  • Check the Holy Water dispenser at the front entrance & refill if necessary.

  • Turn on the air humidifier near the piano using the remote.

  • Light the candles on the Altar approximately fifteen minutes before Mass begins.

  • Open the front doors and quietly greet the parishioners as they enter the Church.

  • Provide masks, wheelchairs and hearing devices to the parishioners, if requested.

  • Assist in seating the parishioners and attend to he needs of the disabled, such as holding doors open or locating non sloped areas for the wheelchairs and walkers.

  • Ring the chimes three times at the start of Mass before Father walks down the aisle.


During Mass

  • Help out with any situations that may occur during Mass as needed.

  • Keep track of the collection basket.

  • Assist the handicapped in receiving Holy Communion.

  • The ushers will receive Holy Communion first so that they can obtain the bulletins and open the front doors.

End of Mass

  • Offer the parish bulletins to the parishioners as they are leaving the Church and thank them for attending.

  • The collections will be put into the weekly envelope and then will be locked up in the lower middle cabinet in the sacristy.

  • After the parishioners have left the candles will be extinguished.  The lights will be shut off and all the doors will be locked.

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