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Ministry of Altar Servers

     The purpose of the Ministry of Altar Servers is to assist the celebrant during each Mass.  There are one or two altar servers scheduled during each Mass.  Each Altar Server shall wear the designated robe with a cross.  The usher responsibilities are as follows:

Before Mass

  • Arrive at the Church approximately 15 minutes before the start of each Mass.

  • Put on the designated robe & cross.

  • Obtain the Jesus crucifix and go to the front of the Church

During Mass

  • Walk down the aisle with the crucifix before the Priest, kneel before the altar, place the crucifix into the holder, and go to the designated chair.

  • Prepare the altar with the gifts.

  • Ring chimes when necessary.

  • After communion, present the water to the Priest.

End of Mass

  • Obtain the Jesus crucifix, kneel before the altar and precede to the front of the Church before the Priest.

  • Return the Jesus crucifix to the holder.

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